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My story: When I was 7 1/2 I watched the Disney movie "Brave" and told my parents, "I want to try that!” They thought I was talking about riding a horse.  But when I saw Merida shooting her bow I told them, "That!!!".  For Christmas that year they got me a small, $20 bow and arrow set from Academy and drew a circle on a sheet of paper for me to aim at.  My dad showed me how to load the arrow, stand, and release and I was hooked.  I shot for hours and hours. And here I am, more than 10 years later, state wins, national wins, and even international wins.  Look out 2024 Olympics, I'm not finished yet.

My History: I started my archery career at a Shoot Your Way Across Texas (SYWAT) indoor tournament.  Didn't win but had a lot of fun and was hooked!  Click HERE to see a list of my other tournaments.

My Future: My future plans include making the World Youth team for the 2023 World Youth Archery Competition in Ireland, the Olympic Trials starting in 2023 and the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

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